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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Bunny movie's recorded in Malayalam(Kerala)

Its known that Allu Arjun's movies have a very good market in Karnataka. All his movies, include the average grosser Happy did very good business in the Karnataka. But, he has a new market for him. His movie, Arya was dubbed into Malayalam and went onto become a big hit. The audio was a chart-topper and was always played on TV and radio. Luckily, his next movie that was dubbed – Happy too did well. There are not many urbane romantic comedies made in Malayalam, and these two films filled that void. Though, Bunny released prior to Happy – the movie is now being dubbed into Malayalam, now considering that the hero is familiar face. The movie's dubbing rights have been grabbed for 18 lakhs, which the highest for any telugu films so far.



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