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Wednesday, June 27, 2007


She conquered the hearts of many a youth with her very debut movie in Tollywood – “Super”. Immediately she was knighted as “Super Girl”. The film media widely wrote about her as “Yoga Teacher”. Glamour and perfect figure became her assets. Currently, she is involved in three big projects in series – Gopichand’s Lakshyam, Balayya’s Okka Magaadu and Nag’s Don. Apart from this, she has umpteen numbers of offers ready to roll provided she should only say “Yes”. She had chitchat with the film press today. Excerpt:
Q: You are known for your glamour on the screen. What about your role in “Lakshyam”?
A: All my previous films focused me as a glamour portent. “Lakshyam” has given ample scope for me to perform. I am thankful to Sri Vasu, my director, for taking extra care in molding my characterization. Though there is little or even no glamour on my part, the audience will like it. It is absolutely nearer to reality. Not only glamour, but also performance… it holds sense. I believe it. My contribution is there to evoke laughter! I can even say, my characterization stands more or less equal to that of the Hero.
Q: Other than “Lakshyam”, you are doing with Balakrishna (Okka Magadu), Nag (Don) and heroine-oriented movie “Arundhati”. What are your experiences with this different set of units?
A: I can’t tell you anything about Okka Magadu. My producer-director YVS will take care of that. At the same time I can’t disappoint you. Just a simple answer… my role will have a negative touch. Not completely!
Coming to Don, It gives me more ease. Just the combination of Super is repeated. Story and other things would change. My role has similar shades of Super Girl… carefree and fun loving.
Arundhati is wholly a movie with womanly dimensions. Shyam Prasad Reddy took extra pains to deal this complicated subject. I am playing the dual role. It is near completion. But, I prefer not to call it a heroine-oriented movie.
Q: There is a buzz… You developed passion for Senthil… and the marriage is on the cards. Your comments!A: I don’t have anything to say. I am happy people have only called that a rumor. Senthil and me are good friends. He worked for the film Arundhati (as cameraman). That’s all.
Q: How did you enjoy working with Gopichand?
A: He is a gentleman with a notch for professionalism. Our pair on the screen is simply superb. Both of us are good at height. The chemistry sure worked out well.
Q: Your dream roles?
A: I wish I did all sorts of characters. My mindset is not fixed to glamour roles. You have a great number of artistes coming and going from time to time. I fondly wish I didn’t quit the stage at anytime. Innovation is a continuous process. So do the demands of filmmaking and the subjects … and characterization. Any artiste with an intense heart for performance is never bereft of opportunities.
Q: You were a Yoga Teacher. Any Message about Yoga?
A: Yoga itself is a message. We can talk days, months and years about Yoga. But, a workout for ten to fifteen minutes a day speaks volumes about the Art of Mind and Body tuning. It helps me a lot. It is the tonic and it is Amruth for one and all. Of all ages and generations.
Q: Your favorite Actresses?
Soundarya, Simran, Jyothika and Kajol
Q: Your favorite Actors?
A: Hritik Roshan and Abhishek in Bollywood. Mahesh Babu, Gopichand and NTR in Tollywood.
Q: There is a feel that your growth in the industry is not going fast despite a number of opportunities. Comment!
A: I never care for it. I do my work and can only hope for the best. There is nothing like slow and fast in the career of an artiste. Dedication and commitment matter a lot.
Q: What makes you so happy?
A: Graceful comments about my height, eyes and smile.



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